Saturday, October 10, 2015

Week Three Adventures

Friends, Romans, countrypeople, it has been a week. My average sleep since Sunday has been less than six hours a night, because the work is starting up and I lost all of Saturday to football. I'm going to try to get more done this weekend, though--and I'd better, because next week I have two midterms, am presenting the project I worked on this summer at an engineering fair, and start my peer advising hours.

Freshman year was a whole lot less work.

My mind's been going all over the place this week. The angst from Tuesday is still here, but I don't really have time to angst. Just do the work, don't shirk, go all in.

Earlier in the week I was thinking a lot about dysphoria, and at some point I do want to collect my thoughts on that into a separate post. But, since I submitted my application for study abroad last night, I'm thinking about Germany and German a lot now. I need to listen to more German language media--listening to real Germans talking at speed still intimidates me and I need to get better at it. 

Then, tonight I helped moderate a philosophical discussion night with my dorm. It was great fun. I was moderating a question about obligations and what goes into determining our obligations, and the conversation ranged all over the place from noblesse oblige to biological altruism to environmentalism to family to Sirius Black to activism to Germany's push for renewable energy to...

I love my dorm and I love that we do events like this. The event was four hours of prime homework time but I don't regret signing up to moderate, not in the least. Exploration of philosophical space is exciting when it relates to real actions and situations.

Sometimes I angst about college and self esteem, and I am kind of uneasy looking at the huge pile of homework that I need to work through this weekend. But I am lucky to be here. This is worth it. 

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