Saturday, October 24, 2015

Good Things

It's actually been a very good week, with far less work than usual, but I've still been feeling a lot of stress and the weekend is going to be very busy. Here, then, is a list of good things in no particular order.

1. Berlin

I got into the study abroad program for spring! This was probably the biggest source of anxiety for me this week, since all the engineers want Berlin in the spring. I have a strong interest in Germany and have been loving my German language classes, and I'm feeling lucky that this came through. The excitement has not hit me yet; but it will.

2. Writing cards

Some friends had birthdays this week so I got to write cards. I miss yearbooks, because I am much more honest and open in writing than in speech, and yearbooks provided a perfect excuse to be real with your friends about how much they mean to you, without being seen as overly sentimental. The time delay also provides distance which decreases perceived vulnerability with increases honesty. 

Tldr writing is safer than speech.

3. Tea

Starting to feel sick; tea keeps it at bay. Giving tea to ill friends is also a good thing, because actions, like the written word, are more comfortable media of love than speech.

4. Engineering paper

I like writing out my solid mechanics psets on engineering paper. It's just so clean.

5. Aggressive music

Medicine for the soul. It's been a good week, for sure, but I've needed a substantial amount of rage input.

6. Good frosh

The freshmen in my dorm are great. They are studious and calm, but also enthusiastic about a wide range of things, friendly, open to philosophical discussions, and all sorts of other fine traits. I am strongly considering trying to staff for this dorm next year.

7. Halloween

I'm actually looking forward to Halloween a lot this year, mostly because I'm dressing up as Harry Potter (which I must have done at some point in elementary school). Like most nerds I saw myself in Hermione first, but upon more recent rereadings I'm identifying strongly with HJP himself.

8. Sleep

On that note, I bid you farewell.

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  1. Job very well done!

    Around these parts, it's mostly only grad students and fancy undergrads that use engineering paper. Though pricey, it does give homework a neat appearance.