Tuesday, August 4, 2015

What I Will Miss

As promised, the companion to last Friday's post on what I miss.


At this point I only have three weeks left in Indonesia. It's been a great summer thus far and I'm going to miss a lot of things when I leave.

Being treated like a young professional. This is the biggest one. The organization I'm working for feels very much like a family business and I'm clearly one generation down, but I'm here to work and even if people treat me like their kid, they don't treat me like a kid. I've been upfront about where my areas of skill and knowledge do and do not lie, and have been surprised that the former actually exists. (Turns out I'm good at finding what I need from documentation, though sometimes not quickly.)

My parents have always told me that I look younger than I am, but I'm pretty sure now that that is because they're my parents. People who have met me here tend to guess my age correctly or overestimate by about three years. This may be because the other interns are twenty-two so everyone assumes we are all the same age. Or maybe I don't actually seem like an idiot undergrad.

Respect, responsibility, and accountability go together. Most of the stuff I've been done in life has been school, which is fake. This summer is a soft sort of entry into the real world, and I don't mind it so far.

The food. The food is amazing, especially the noodles and fruit. Aside from the quality of the food, there are some items here that I don't think I could find easily in the US, such as green tea churros and mie ayam bakso. The bottled tea that I can get for less than fifty cents at Alfamart is available in some form at Asian supermarkets back home, but a normal Safeway will probably only have sodas. Alas.

Time to read and write. I read a lot when I'm not at school. When I get home there's no homework, no Internet connection, so I read. Currently I'm rereading the Iliad, which I last read over four years ago during my freshman year of high school. I forgot how many names are just thrown around everywhere.

Writing: I don't write as much as I did last summer because I work now and when I get home I don't want to get on the computer again right away. But I've gotten a fair number of words down, and the girls are moving right along in the Salzburg section.

Related: Clearly separated work and rest times (contrast: school). I will confess I'm not 100% focused all the time at the office. But I get stuff done. Then I come home and don't work. Nice, clean. Not like school where you always have something you could or should do, and the price of leisure is guilt.

Also related: A reasonable sleep schedule (being able to get up at 0800). This is because, lacking homework and Internet, I usually go to sleep before midnight. Astonishing. I sleep on average maybe 8 or 9 hours a night, which is wonderful. But it's also concerning because I remember during the school year feeling lucky if I got more than 6 hours.

Hanging out at home. I get along with my boss and her family and the other interns and it's nice just chilling with them after dinner.

A new location. I don't explore as much as I probably should but I enjoy, to a certain extent, doing things differently from at home.

The prices. Cheap food, cheap clothes, cheap transportation. I'm stingy. Of course I appreciate being able to get a plate of noodles and an iced orange juice (es jeruk) for under $3.

Well. I'd better appreciate these things while I'm still here.

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