Saturday, June 6, 2015

Brief Update

I've been very lax about posting recently. The end of the quarter is always busy, but this quarter it has just been very easy not to have time over the weekend.

My mental cache is getting full, and I really need to get back on this blogging wagon to clear it out regularly. I have a final exam tomorrow afternoon, and will be presenting on the research I did this quarter on Monday, and I still need to work on the project I'll be implementing this summer.

I went to the Indonesian consulate Thursday to get my visa. Most pleasant, human interaction with a government agency that I've had in my life.

Work on UM has stalled, but I have more time now and will resume.

Coming to some realizations about myself and how I see myself in relation to the people and world around me. Will explore this more in the next post. Expect a lot of navel-gazing as I debrief myself on my freshman year of university.

The end is nigh.

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