Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Travel Logistics

My brain is fried because I've just spent an hour writing emails relating to travel logistics, looking up plane tickets and how to get to the Consulate and what visa requirements are and if I can manage to stay within the 60-day limit. I still don't know the exact dates that I will be going and I could assert a schedule that would suit me more or less but then that feels like throwing a team member under the bus. Also somehow I am already feeling sleep-deprived in week two of the quarter, which means I am drawing from an already-depleted energy reserve.

I need to finalize dates; I need to buy plane tickets; I need to get my visa. Running parallel to that, I need to get an itinerary; I need to get malaria medication.

Today I am really tired and even though I have a lot that I could talk about from the weekend (deep personal conversations with friends, materialism, communal living) I lack the energy to muster up any original thoughts. (I also lack the time, because class is soon.) A huge pile of homework awaits me tonight. Today is a long day.

Travel stuff is really weighing on me and I know that it will feel great when it all starts coming together, but for the moment I'm still pushing uphill. Wish me luck.

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