Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring Quarter Begins

Apologies for missing yesterday's post. I've been getting off schedule rather frequently lately, probably because my schedule is changing week to week. Hopefully things settle into a somewhat more orderly state soon.

Spring quarter began on Monday. Having the first day of school feeling in the spring is odd, but I am quite looking forward to my classes this quarter. This is a somewhat self-centered post, as I am taking inventory of what I have on my plate this quarter.


Classes: E&M, German language, German culture, ESW + Haas Center class to go along with the fellowship funding.

Out of class: ESW, competition team (competition is this week so it should be more laid back than last quarter), band, research (haven't started yet but I talked to the prof and grad student last quarter).

Applications/business to square away/anything that has me running around setting up meetings: preparing to go to Indonesia (a lot of travel health; I should also set up a meeting with a student who went in previous summers), declaring my major, application for housing preassignment, application for Berlin Winter 2016 (my first choice is to go in the Spring but I want to apply this cycle).

Summer stuff is the main thing to line up. As stated, I need to do a lot of preparation for going international, and I need to communicate dates of availability among various stakeholders. I alternate between being enormously excited and terrified.


Right now, in short, I have a lot of different things to juggle. I expect that this business will settle down more in the coming weeks, and I will do my best to keep punctual on the posting. Once I have a better idea of what a typical week looks like, that should be feasible.


Topics on which I want to write more:
  • College admissions, since the Stanford regular action decisions came out last Friday and one of the seniors from my high school who got in is visiting me this Friday. I haven't thought about college apps in a long time but I want to take a one-year-later perspective and see what thoughts come up.
  • Sense of belonging, since all the frats are rushing the next couple weeks and I realized on Monday that I actually feel pretty at home with bonz, despite earlier doubts. (Caveat: I know nothing about Greek life, have never been to a frat party, and have no intention of joining a sorority ever.)
  • Necessities for sanity, since if I don't build in time to relax and chill with friends then I end up doing it anyway and feeling guilty about it when really, I need that time. I'm taking 19 units this quarter, which theoretically means I should be spending 57 hours a week on class related stuff. That's more than a full-time job.
  • Dreams of the future, since over break I daydreamed a lot about what my life will look like when I am a young professional. Spoiler alert: I want to be awesome.

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