Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Dead Week Winter 2015

Dead week has begun, but I'm actually not dying just yet. My dead week last quarter was focused on writing my term paper for Energy Options, but this quarter the work is more varied. Today we did final presentations for Environmental Literacy; tomorrow we have final presentations for Engineers for a Sustainable World and I need to turn in my final paper for my writing class; Thursday I have a presentation for Financial Literacy for Youth (which should be pretty laid-back, since I'm only covering the activity portion); Friday I have two psets due and then have to rush from my last class to get on the Caltrain to the City for an interview.

After that, I can take a short break before finals.

Written out like that, the list of work I have due sounds substantial. But I'm working on finalizing my ESW presentation with my project team tonight, I've put in several hours on the paper the past few days and it's shaping up reasonably well (will definitely be ready by Wednesday night), the FLY presentation really is low-key, I've finished my pset for ODEs, and I've been pacing myself on the physics pset well enough that I should be able to finish it after the lecture tomorrow.

As for the interview: it's with a construction company. I'm moderately nervous, given that the only other interview I had with a construction company resulted in a rejection. But that was in the fall and, though I still am by no means a real civil engineering student (not even declared), I have some projects that I can talk about in depth. I've also had more practice since then articulating my interest in civil in general and infrastructure in particular.

The company also has a track record of supporting women and minorities in the industry; the founder is a black woman, and the current president likely is as well (based on last name, she is either a relative or an in-law of the founder). That's pretty awesome, though I don't think that I should get any favors because of my race or gender (though apparently there are very few Asian undergrads in civil), given how lucky I've been in not having those counted against me. I'm also wondering if the professor whom I asked for help looking for internships chose to put me in touch with this company for that reason.

Anyway, I hope it goes well. I actually feel a lot calmer about it now than I did a few days ago. At the end of last week I still had heard nothing positive back from anything I'd applied to for the summer; in the past few days, I have gotten some offers (one for research with a professor here, one for doing summer work with ESW funded by the university). Not sure how I'll decide; my gut instinct says that if I got an internship offer I'd go with that just because it would mean having finally had a real job. But I'm not going to shut down the other offers without thinking it through a lot.

Life is pretty good right now. I have a lot of work to do, yes, but I knew that and got a reasonable amount done over the weekend. Just got to stay on track now. Back to the grind for me.

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