Friday, January 30, 2015

Game: Borrowing Lyrics

It's been a long week and I haven't worked on UM since Monday, so I want to play a game. Give my mind a break since there's plenty to do this weekend.

The rules are simple:
  1. Pick a random song (the one stuck in your head will do fine).
  2. Pick a character in your main project.
  3. Write a poem combining the two, including one lyric from the song.


Song: "Blank Space" - Our Last Night (Taylor Swift cover)

Character: Anticleia (spinster magician living in Edinburgh)

Poem below. Reasoning/though process below that.


To the Burning Girl

The girl who stood there at the altar smiles
Just like a star; and you, her sister, dark
And still, are like the night that me beguiles--
The fire kisses you. Magic! I mark.

No other has a mind like yours: we walk
In a rose garden full of thorns, for hours.
Of spells and rituals you laughing talk
You are more beautiful than the flowers.

But no witch can I wed: this courting game
Becomes instead a war. You'd have no sons
"Distractions--" I fear you will curse my name
And when the floor starts burning, then, I run.

Still you own my heart; ne'er will I be free
But hate me, my love--hate me, by all means.


The thought process that led to the above:

I would like to write more structured poems so let's go with a sonnet.

Anticleia is alone when the girls know her and Blank Space is a breakup song so the poem must be about an incident in her past.

How old was she when this relationship happened? Let's say twenty, around the time her younger sister got married to a French noble. Maybe she met this mystery guy (OLN has male vocalists so I'm imagining the other party as male) at the wedding and they hit it off, courted awhile, and then something broke them up, something involving a lot of yelling and crying.

Maybe they were in love but he would not let her conduct her magic research. Or he was okay with her being a magician and learning magic, but his parents would not be.

The perspective of the stubborn individualist going her own way is too easy, so I'll take the pov of the guy. At this point I'm ready to write.

Also, Anticleia's real name is not Anticleia. I haven't decided what it is yet, and name isn't particularly important.


I kind of like this. This sonnet was easier to write than most others have been, but the rhythm isn't quite there. Also, I was waiting to make an important and stressful phone call as I wrote so the jitteriness I was feeling might have made me more efficient.

(Don't worry, I'm fine.)

Anyway, I hope you have fun with this game. Have a good weekend.

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