Friday, December 26, 2014

Good Hunting

Haven't done one of these in a while, and I am on vacation now. Here are some collected interesting things.

Mirrored Reflections art by Cody William Smith. I like this one the best because there's the greatest amount of contrast between the mirror and the surroundings--like a doorway through which you could step into another world.

I am no nepotist. But dude, my sister can write: A Lesson Overheard on the Pittsburgh/Bay Point Train and her term paper on serpents in Norse mythology. Lieutenant Sarcasm is no slouch either: I Am I And My...

Getting a Move on in Math, about MIT senior Kirin Sinha's efforts to motivate girls in math through dance.

“[Dance] teaches you discipline, attention to detail, and creativity,” she says. “It gives you the confidence to stand up there and not apologize for anything you’re doing. And that’s something I thought was missing with girls in mathematics.”

“I believe the reason people fall out of math is because it takes a long time to realize how beautiful it is,” Sinha says. “It’s when you get into number theory and abstract algebra and group theory — that’s when things get deconstructed at such a fundamental level that people get really excited, that they’re discovering a truth or structure to the universe. And people often lose interest before that level because it’s not taught like that.”

“Having different perspectives is almost like having different tools,” Sinha says. “It makes you a better problem-solver.”

In the summer before her sophomore year, Sinha lived in an Italian monastery for six weeks. She slept under a bell tower, waking to its clanging early each morning. Not knowing the language, she spent most days in silence, washing clothes by hand, without electricity or hot water. The spare lifestyle left plenty of room for reflection.

“Being able to spend meaningful time with yourself is a very difficult thing,” Sinha says. “It very much helped clarify what I wanted to do and why.”

Louis Janmot's "Poem of the Soul" is pretty awesome. My favorite:
Le Mauvaus Sentier (The Wrong Path)
Louis Janmot
I want to go to Prague. While I am not a huge fan of Art Nouveau, preferring less adornment, I cannot deny the beauty of casting natural forms in artifice. Also, clock tower. Furthermore, I want to write a story about a Golem and about alchemists.

A short film distilling Crime and Punishment, produced by Piotr Dumala.

A particularly resonant flax-golden tale: map without treasure.

20-mile march concept shows up again.

Interview with Fernando Juarez, a talented and awesome illustrator/book cover artist.

Exactly the kind of thing I want to be involved in developing: tower that produces drinking water from condensation. Also shares my philosophy.

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