Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dead Week Begins

Therefore, I have very little to offer today. I got a lot less work done during Thanksgiving break than I had hoped, and so I foresee most of my non-class, non-sleep time this week taken up by my final paper for my class on energy options. Decentralized powers are the future!

Over Thanksgiving break I had a long conversation with my sister about the sense of alienation that arises when coming back home (hometown) from home (college). I haven't felt it to as great a degree because this is after all only my first quarter--I've only just begun here, and so I haven't changed that much yet. But I have changed, and I can feel the university collaborating with me to make me into a different me. I am sure that my friends are feeling the same effects at their respective universities.

Actually, I'm not sure, and I shouldn't generalize my experience to others. I suppose that is another potential source of alienation: if some people change more than others.

I need to think about this more, when more time has passed and I can feel that I am someone different from the person I was when I walked into this school. I also need to get back to my work.

Good luck to anyone facing exams!

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