Friday, July 25, 2014

Ubermadchen: Character Art

Once upon a time, I used to draw a lot. That was before high school, if I recall my dates correctly. I haven't added anything to my deviantArt in almost two years.

But I like having an idea of what my characters look like when I'm writing them, so for the past few weeks I've worked on drawings of the Ubermadchen characters. I did two sets: pencil sketches of the girls in the modern AU, and pencil+colored pencil renditions of them in 1770s gear, given that that is their setting.

With character notes and apologies for the bad lighting/attempts to adjust the colors and exposure/anatomy/etc, I present you the Ubermadchen.

Marilla Rieux
Marilla Rieux, the demure dreamer and viewpoint character. She is the shielder of the group, meaning she knows how to conceal their auras so they don't get killed for being "witches" (non-noble magicians). Her native element is water . I can't tell you what the knife is for, as that would be a spoiler. INFJ.

Josefina de los Arboles

Josefina de los Arboles, the natural leader. She is partially Romani and, as such, faces more discrimination than the other girls. Her native element is fire; hence, the lantern. Josefina staunchly supports the American Revolution. ENTJ, probably.

Katya Volkov
Ekaterina "Katya" Volkov, the most generally competent one. Unlike the other girls, she has not lived most of her life in isolation and thus is the most streetsmart, which is why she's the one with the purse. Her native element is metal, though they all think it is earth. ESTP, probably.

Terez Steinbrecher
Terez Steinbrecher, the scientist. She will not wear women's clothing unless not doing so would endanger her friends. Prone to saying cryptic things portentously. Her native element is earth, and I gave her a compass because she can't carry around chemical apparatus. INTP.

Suzanne Christophers
Suzanne Christophers, the Romantic emotional one. A voracious reader who is likely to be brought to tears by a particularly beautiful painting or flower. Her native element is wood, though they all think it is air/wind. ISFJ, possibly.

And here are all of them in their modern guise. I found these ones easier to do because, first, they are pencil and not full-length, and second, because there's more latitude to how they can control their appearance. Since I live in the modern era, I think in modern paradigms, and, given the characters' personalities, I find it easier to map their personalities to modern clothing choices.

Hopefully, the style of each character is consistent between the 1770s and modern versions. That was another part of the challenge for me: seeing if I could make the character the "same" between settings. See my post from earlier this month about character plasticity.

Additional notes: Josefina spells her name Josephina in the modern AU. Her reasons for doing so are important characterization. I regret not putting Terez in a beanie because it would suit her.

After doing these drawings, I think I want to keep on drawing my characters, if only to get them clearer in my mind. Colors are fun as well.


  1. Is there an end to your talents? ;-)
    Well done, keep it up.

    1. Thank you! Haha I need to get back into drawing some more.