Friday, April 11, 2014

How to Ask Someone to Prom

The Coward's Edition. + introspection later on in the post


  1. Write the proposal on a sheet of paper. If you prefer, disguise it by writing it in equations.
  2. Hand it to your target.
  3. Run away.
  4. Wait nervously for the response. If it is yes:
  5. Hug your date (!).
  6. Begin to grin like a dork.
  7. Do not stop.


Senioritis is starting to kick in. I've spent more hours this week talking/thinking about prom than studying for my four AP tests. To be fair to me, only one (chem) counts at either of the schools I'm considering. On the other hand, I don't like to do things poorly, so I'd better get on the studying wagon again.

But prom. Senior prom. I know it's been played up way too much in every single high school movie ever, and I still find myself getting hyped up about it, acting very out of character. For example: when in my life have I ever proposed going shoe shopping? Yet, guess what I'll be doing this weekend?

//Downside of borrowing your older sister's gorgeous navy blue dress: if she is taller than you, that means that you will have to get--urk--four inch heels. Luckily, your Eagle Scout date is too nice to laugh at you even if you are not the epitome of grace.

This situation--nearing the end of high school, planning for senior prom--has made me introspective. And I am considering the extent to which my high school experience has differed from the stereotypical version portrayed in movies and such. No drugs, alcohol, crazy parties, boyfriends, horrible fallings-out with friends. What I've had instead: band, band, stress over tests, quieter and still painful driftings-away from friends, band, loneliness, impostor syndrome, half a crush in freshman year, robotics, falling in love with math again.

Do I regret anything? There are the usual academic regrets--why didn't I start working on my own projects earlier? Why didn't I start learning programming in freshman year? Why didn't I at least try to self-studying Physics C?

But--and I am taking a hit to my pride admitting this--I do have social regrets as well. I regret the way I clung limpet-like to my elementary and middle school best friends, because I know now that I wouldn't have been good for them, and we would have drifted apart anyway. I regret letting other friendships fall by the wayside. I regret not pushing myself out of my comfort zone, because even now I am ill at ease in social situations. I regret not getting my driver's license earlier. I regret not trying harder to get a job last summer, pushing through the failures.

On balance, though, I think I've come out of high school all right. We still have two months left, so my opinion may change, but I've made some good friends, I've learned a lot, I've finished two novels (second draft of The Utopia Project and Orsolya), and...well, even if I did it in the most chicken way possible, I asked someone to prom. And yes, I am still grinning like a dork about it.

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