Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Game: Superheroes

I have no idea what to write tonight. Let's play a game, instead.

Since I watched Man of Steel over the weekend, how about this: if you could be a superhero, what would your name and your powers be? Who would be your opponent? What would be your origin story? &c.

I'll go first:


Type: supervillain

Name: the Siphonophore (needs to be punnier, I know)

Civilian Name: Kseniya Moskvitin (because a Russian villain isn't standard at all...)

Portrait of a Young Woman
Powers: control over water/breathing underwater, teleportation?, assembling people around her into a hive mind, talking to spirits

Appearance/Costume: silent girl with wavy black hair, black eyes, pale skin; standard comic book character suit-thing in a navy blue approaching black, black knee-high boots. Trenchcoat optional--it's only there for style, as the Siphonophore does not seem to feel cold. Wears rings set with various stones, inside of which are trapped souls that have drowned in shipwrecks (in fact, the rings might come from sunken ships). Blue lipstick. Pearl earrings.

Cover Story: scientist of marine physics working at a prominent oceanographic institute in the Pacific Northwest.

Opponent: I envision the Siphonophore and her opponent as having a cordial, gentlemanly kind of enmity. On the sliding scale of Batman to Superman, I see the Siphonophore's opponent as closer to the Superman side--more of a hero than an antihero. Since the Siphonophore has a blue theme going on, perhaps a green or gold scheme for her opposite.

Should the superhero's motif also be an animal? Nah. To oppose the Siphonophore's deep-sea associations, perhaps something to do with the air. Jet Stream? His public persona can be a commercial pilot, and his name can be James Hall, which is appropriately all-American and nondescript. Aviator goggles disguise his face.

Villain Allies: Since the Siphonophore is a behind-the-scenes, subtle mastermind type, we need a flashy frontman or two. I'll just throw out some potential names: Viper Girl (sassy), Gluon (thuggish tank), Kloquemaster (sharply-dressed lieutenant with slicked back hair and a pocket-watch or ten). Which seems enough, unless Jet Stream gets a sidekick…something that starts with B? The sidekick will flirt with Viper Girl, which is a bad idea.

(Do you see why I have trouble with multiplying casts?)

Origin Story: Kseniya was a normal girl living in the far east of the USSR, by the Sea of Okhotsk. As daughter of a fisherman, she spent a lot of time out on boats. One day during a storm she fell off a boat and plunged into the depths of the ocean--where, surprisingly, she did not drown, because a mysterious encounter with a siphonophore granted her powers. Siberian shamans might have been involved at some point.

She developed her powers in secret, uncaught by the Soviets, and excelled in science at school. When the Iron Curtain came down she moved to the Mediterranean, where she studied marine physics and gained experience. She eventually moved to first Maine and then the Pacific Northwest, where she menaces the city of [Impressive Name] with floods, embezzlement, and mysterious crowd madnesses. Why? Why not?


Your turn.


Music for tonight also inspired by Man of Steel.

Kryptonite - Three Doors Down
If I go crazy then will you still call me Superman?

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