Friday, May 3, 2013

Poems from Freshman/Sophomore Years


Seven Ways of Looking at Cats

In the bright still room
The only movement
Was the twitching tail of a dreaming cat.

My mind was focused
Like a cat
Who spies a mouse.

Oh great Sphinx of Egypt
Sitting upon your haunches among the sands
How many have disfigured your face?
To how many centuries
Have your sightless eyes borne witness?

At the sight of a cat
Meowing piteously for attention
Even the busiest student
Would set aside her books.

It ran over fences
On white paws.
Once, it paused
And a light flashed in its eyes
Making them mirrors.

The birds are panicking.
The cat must be hunting.

It was still night in the morning
No hands moved to open the back door
No outside air stirred in the house
The cat slept curled
On a sun-drowned windowsill.

based on the blackbird poem


Ode-Sonnet to Rainy Days

A day of rain is best spent all alone
Sit still and watch the sky go all astir
As clouds do boil just like a soup of stone
Send down the gray to make the windows blur.
It must be beautiful outside, although
In truth, I hardly can see anything;
But I know how the sidewalk rivers flow
And in their wake plastic debris do bring
To pothole seas of which others complain,
Others who’d hastily put up a hood –
Their interest in the weather is long slain –
Wet-socked they question: “How can rain be good?”
Sweet solitude will tell me what to say:
“Does not the storm help dead leaves on their way?”


Without Words

I listen to you, because you do not pretend to be Scheherazade:
One thousand and one tales you do not tell.
I have drowned blissfully in the vast sea,
And you never presumed to rescue me.
Suddenly I’ve felt footsteps on my solitude
A heavy, mortal tread,
And how kind you seem out there, waiting
Beyond my locked gate!
Stay that way, guarding against intruders.
And, like the peregrine, find your way here
Only for a short while
Then leave when winter comes.
Be not like the greedy ones who,
Upset, drink my time like water.
When you sit by my empty hearth,
Speak so softly, that as you tell your soul,
The cat on my armchair does not wake.

based on:
“Love without Love”
-Luis Lloréns Torres

I love you, because in my thousand and one nights of dreams,
I never once dreamed of you.
I looked down paths that traveled from afar,
But it was never you I expected.
Suddenly I've felt you flying through my soul
In quick, lofty flight,
And how beautiful you seem way up there, far
From my always idiot heart!
Love me that way, flying over everything.
And, like the bird on its branch, land in my arms
Only to rest,
Then fly off again.
Be not like the romantic one who,
In love, set me on fire.
When you climb up my mansion,
Enter so lightly, that as you enter
The dog of my heart will not bark.

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