Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Good Hunting

Shall we embark?

Cleopatra's Own Galley, Warwick Goble

Some drawing tips from Gary Panter. I really need to sketch more.

How to get things done with index cards.

Yet another INTJ description. Hurrah, Augustus Caesar.

Advice from Austin Kleon on how to get noticed. First thing: "Be so good they can't ignore you."

Strange Horizons:
Catherynne Valente on mythpunk:
I've always considered the appending of -punk to whatever other word to indicate that X is not merely being explored or ruminated upon, but in some sense broken, harmed, and put back together again with safety pins and patches, a certain amount of anxiety, anger, and messy, difficult emotionality expressed in the direction of X.
The Gross Anatomy of Horror, by Nicholas Seeley

How would you like eating from this plate?
Poignant: click and drag. Zoomable version here, but I recommend exploring the original.

Justine Musk on writing the opposite sex.

Speaking of gender: boys in YA fiction, by Sarah Mesle.

Home of Gisele D'Ailley van Waterschoot van der Gracht, who gets points for having one of the coolest names I've ever read.

Several guest articles from the SFWA website:
Confessions of a Museum Bunny, by Deborah Walker
How I Went from Writing 2000 Words a Day to 10000 Words a Day, by Rachel Aaron
(Also from Aaron: musings on steampunk. I like the phrase "boss hog".)
60 Rules for Short SF and Fantasy, by Terry Bisson
Building Secondary Worlds, by Mark Charan Newton

From Broad Universe:
Worldbuilding advice from Sarah Monette
Culture via character by Elaine Isaak
Designing fantasy creatures with science!, by Trisha J. Woolridge
Medieval worldbuilding guide by Paula R. Stiles

Hecate Demeter speaks of trees, with the poem "On Houses" by Kahlil Gibran.

In the Northern Wilderness, Ivan Shishkin

Good night.

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