Friday, September 28, 2012

Good Hunting

Dashi Namdakov

PCWrede on subplots: "subplots grow organically out of the events in the story, like the leaves growing out of the stem of the rose."

In case I ever get invited to talk on the radio, I'll refer to this post.

Monika Victoria's adventures in the museums of Vienna.

Hecate Demeter has excellent taste in poetry: "What We Need is Here" (Wendell Berry)

Also: "We Must Risk Delight" (Jack Gilbert)

The beginner's guide to wooing the poem. I found this passage enlightening and amusing:
"In passing, slip the poem a scrap of paper with a phone number on it. Your phone number? NO! Not your phone number, numbskull. A tattoo parlour for gazelles; a museum of impossible things; a Transylvanian undertaker; the Ritz. Anyone but you."

"Elegy. Blind Musician."
Mikhail Nesterov

Read more. "I see books as direct conduits to the past, and the most reliable way that we have to receive important information from other people, living or dead."

Remember to sample the local magic. This is what I want Protagonist Club, and this blog, to be about: looking at the everyday through the lens of story.

I suspect on the enneagram I am a type one winged nine.

Ever since creating the character Vin, seeing the name Vincent seems like a good luck charm. This post about the creative impulse reinforced that.

Appolinari Mikhaylovich Vasnetsov

Justine Musk on what fiction writers should blog about:
"And as fiction writers, we have our obsessions: those questions that we’re compelled to ask again and again, entering the same theme through different doorways, like Monet and his water lilies or Degas and his dancers.

How could you take one of those questions and put it at the center of your blog?

Instead of using it as a catchall drawer for random musings, why not turn your blog into a personal quest through asking, researching and answering or exploring different aspects of that central question?"
What is this blog's central question? What's yours?


  1. My blog doesn't have a central question, if it *had to* be categorized it would probably fall under the 'lifestyle blogs' category. But it really has no point at all except me having a sort of journal to read back. it's not a writer's blog, it's just bits and pieces of my growing up.

    I think yours is too about 'bits and pieces of your growing up', but it also is so much more, i like where it is going, it is going into not only the adventure of life and growing up, but also into the adventure of *giving* life in the way only a writer can give life to his/her 'Protagonists'. Keep it up!

    1. The point of your blog is to record your insights and thoughts for posterity. Many of your posts have certainly helped me clarify what I want in life.

      "Going into not only the adventure of life and growing up, but also into the adventure of giving life in the way only a writer can". Yes. That's what I'm trying to do, only I never phrased it as nicely. :)