Friday, September 21, 2012

Calling All Protagonists

Sometimes, I get desperately envious of characters in my stories. Right now, I'm working on a synopsis/distillation of a story I plan to write, set in Russia under Tsar Alexander III, in which three boys who room together at a reform school learn magic and find their ways in the world.

A few weeks ago, I was working on a short story called "Mind Butcher". In one scene, the main character Vin goes off to college, where he will finally be able to talk about fascinating subjects with intelligent people.

Once I'm done with the distillation I'm working on, I'll begin another in which a group of radical thinkers belonging to the pan-European Promethean Society attempt, through a young girl called Marilla, to break the aristocratic monopoly on advanced magic in the Age of Metternich.

Conclusions? 1. I really liked AP Euro. 2. I want that.

"That" defined by the following points:

-a small group of companions
-common enthusiasm for fascinating topics
-state of high imagination
-discussion, debate, conversation, collaboration


Protagonist Club:
Life is an adventure. Magic is real. Mystery lives.

1. think in terms of story
2. seek out small adventures
3. plan extraordinary adventures


I said I didn't know exactly how to execute this idea. Here are some ideas:

-sharing ideas for how to live with a high magic to mundane ratio
-group codex/constitution (guess what we're learning in history...)
-book group elements: everyone contributes a top-10 favorite booklist
-writing circle: collaborate on a story, or create a common world (a la Bordertown)

I'd love to hear yours.


Recently I read Rules of Thumb by Alan M. Webber. The book focuses on business, but when I was thinking of Protagonist Club in terms of a club meeting physically, I thought that a startup atmosphere might approach what I imagine.

In one rule of thumb, about maintaining emotional stability, Webber set forth four requirements:

1. a team that works together well
2. ability to laugh at everything
3. loud music
4. good food

How precisely does this tie in? I don't know myself, but I feel as though it is relevant.

In another book I read, for group meetings the venue should be comfortable, private, and accessible.


How about here, for the first meeting?

Or, perhaps, here?

Tell me your thoughts. After all, we have much to discuss.

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