Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Order isn't a wonderful thing, pulling nothing in front of a
Crown of existence and this means much from you
Precisely because it's your microcosm, yet you don't risk
Gaining little by its reconstruction.
No, you aren't a selfless person, drawing away from
Day, and wakefulness, and alertness, and order not your own.



Let me explain. Once at school a poet spoke with us and had us write acrostic poems, which we then put through the f(x) = -x box. The poem above is the result. The original is below.


Entropy is a terrible thing, drawing everything behind a
Veil of nonexistence but that means nothing to me
Even though it's my universe, and I stand to
Lose much by its disintegration.
Yes, I am a selfish person, reaching always for
Night, and sleep, and rest, and entropy of my own.


I have a rather large backlog of posts including notes, stories, poems, etc. Thus, until the backlog is cleared, I will go back to posting twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays).

Friday's post will be about the Protagonist Club.


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  1. i probably would have put 'order' instead of 'progress'..this thing is so cool, i never would have thought of putting words through f(x)=-x box (i don't have english mathematical jargon down but i got what you meant with that).
    What's the protagonist club?
    Bye have a good night! (night? day? mmmmh i have no idea in what time-zone you are) :)

    1. Yes, order makes more sense...thanks for the suggestion!

      Math, like love, is a language that knows no boundaries. <3

      Protagonist Club is an idea I've been kicking around throughout the summer, about living life as if it is an adventure. I'm still figuring out what form it will take - Friday will lay out the possibilities.