Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Space Invocation

My sixteenth birthday was yesterday. Nothing earth-shattering happened; it seems more likely, then, that I will have an adventure instead of passively waiting for someone to rescue me. Excellent.

Last time I talked about how I was preparing mentally for year 16. Today, I'd like to talk about creating physical spaces that are friendly to adventure. In other words: room tour because I've redecorated recently.

What were my criteria? Function and beauty.


When I sit at my desk and look right, I see this:

Clipped to the bookend is a magnet holding my index card calendar and a thermometer on a keychain. My most important notebooks are on the top of my desk. Cup with pens/pencils; it says "breathe."

The lower right corner of the wall has two clear pushpins with a string between them. Affixed with paperclips are bookmarks, a card indicating the dates of library book sales, and an aesthetically pleasing business card.

Speaking of library book sales, this was my sister's birthday present to me:

We went to the library book sale and she paid for me. Total cost: $5. Then we went to a tea shop at which her friends work (I chose the oolong tea "a touch of evil"), and walked around the neighborhood talking about stories. More small adventures.


Here's my bookshelf:

You can't see very well in the picture, but on the bottom shelf the books are stacked two deep. The back rank is the books I don't reread frequently; they lie flat to maximize space usage (also as a place to rest my computer when the sun is directly on my desk).

To the left are my notebooks and sketchbooks for easy access. The rectangular prism is my desk's leg; I have to sit under my desk to get to the fiction books on the bottom shelf, but this is a boon because doing so is a trigger for a story mindset.

I keep my computer mouse and earbuds in the tissue box because I don't have my computer on my desk all the time and the box looks better than a bunch of wires.

Kindly ignore the SAT Math 2 practice book. The test was actually really fun (I love math) - but as I may have said, I find the SAT frenzy distasteful. Guys, we're sitting at desks bubbling things in. This isn't a bard competition.


To the east of my bookshelf is my closet, the right-hand side of which has shelves:

I've reworked this space quite a few times and this latest iteration will satisfy me for a while. Art supplies, pens/pencils/highlighters/sharpies separated by cup, necklaces hung from more clear pushpins, fan open on a mooncake tin (top left). That's not a lamp, that's a paper cup upside down over a middle school trophy. But the costume pearls do look like a pull.


On the north side of my room is my closet, on top of which is this painting my dad got for me in China:

His reasoning: girl reading with a cat nearby = me. Fair enough.

She looks as though she's waiting for something, doesn't she? While her cat dreams, the girl knows that something is coming. Something strange, something mysterious, possibly dangerous, possibly wonderful.

She's ready. So am I.


  1. is that Sophie's World I see in the library books? Man that book kick started my fascination with philosophy - if it is then woo...but if not I recommend it :P

    1. It is! My history teacher last year recommended it to me.