Friday, August 10, 2012

Sonnet to the Vines

Do you feel it? This place does not enjoy
Wild chatter or vapid words from tongues
That seek only to dispel quiet with noise
Using, indiscriminately, the lungs
To blot out the silence which I so adore.
'Tis the mere bottom of the blacktop slope
Yet sanctified five years hence by us four
Girls, our dreams unfettered by chains or rope.
We swam in rivers of lava and flew
O'er mountains covered in ice and in snow
And with every single breath that we drew
Struck fear into the hearts of all our foes.
Though lordly vines are now forced to retreat,
This place from memory none shall e'er unseat.


Written February 2010 for an eighth-grade English assignment to do with "Travels with Charley". It's about a sacred place that in my GW story is the home of the Wise One, the collective source of all magic.


From the same assignment:

"places, like people, have different sides to them, a chiaroscuro of temperament."

"Bright, startling colors, rioting and bold and extravagant. My face shone with cold,...and the sky was of such empty gorgeous beauty that I thought I could taste, mingled in with my cold dinner, the dust of the stars."

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