Sunday, August 12, 2012


While cleaning out my bookmarks, I have found things worth sharing:

Shading tips.

Mountains of Europe.

Test if a plant is edible.

Knight training.


Illustrations gallery.

Complete works of Caspar David Friedrich.

Holly Lisle's site.

Random Word Generator.

Brief Guide to Life.

Dealing with Self-Disappointment.

Worry Flashcards.

Hilari Bell's story structure points:
1-2: Establishing Shot, Inciting Incident
3-4: Rising Action, Change of Direction
5-6: Second Rising Action, Commitment
...and that's all so far, but more is to come.

China stuff: Ban Zhao, Uighurs, a lot of articles

Eternal Resources:

Instant inspiration found here.

Steal Like an Artist.

On Creative Burnout.

Being a Heroine.

How to Write a Creative Manifesto.

Writing Briefly.

Be Awesome. (How much do you like yourself?)

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