Friday, August 3, 2012

Protagonist Club

My sixteenth birthday is coming up.

If you are familiar with fairy tales, I am guessing that your first reaction is in the vein of "oh snap."

Sixteen is traditionally the year when Things Happen. Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger, Cimorene ran away from home, Percy Jackson defeated the Titans. Furthermore, it is four squared or two to the fourth power - and in East Asia four is an unlucky number.

So. What's going to happen to me?

I am not aware of any birth curses or ominous prophecies. My biological parents are present and accounted for. I have no arranged marriage looming over me; nor have any mysterious strangers spoken to me. Yet I feel as though something momentous is approaching.

Here are some adventures that may come upon me:
  • transport into the past (California or China?)
  • discovery of a secret society/government conspiracy
  • kidnap (I hope not)
  • finding my way into another world (Faerie? Mathmagicland?)
  • a mysterious summons from someone half-remembered
  • turning into a monstrous vermin (again, I hope not)

With so many possibilities, how to prepare?

I'm glad you asked.


Sometimes (usually late at night), I get big ambitious ideas that I don't know how to execute. Here goes one:

Protagonist Club.

The goal: preparing you, and me, and anyone else who is interested, for adventures.

The manifesto: Life is an adventure. Magic is real. Mystery lives.

1. think in terms of story
2. seek out small adventures
3. plan extraordinary adventures

Distillation: constant undercover LARPing.

For inspiration:

Protagonist Club recommended reading

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To prepare for whatever adventures may come my way in my sixteenth year, I will abide by the rules of adventures, as I see them: know thyself, pay attention to everything, trust your instincts.

I will post information pertaining to Protagonist Club here instead of, as I was thinking, creating a whole new blog with forum and etc. Perhaps it will eventually spinoff; perhaps not. As it is, Assembling Imaginations and Protagonist Club complement one another.

Who says magicians in training cannot be heroes as well?

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  1. Now i get what you meant...and it is a really cool idea :)
    i particularly liked your rules of adventures 'know thyself, pay attention to everything, trust your instincts'...rules of getting through life!