Wednesday, August 22, 2012

He of Lordly Anger

Death of Montezuma - Charles Ricketts
I wore a crown that final day
No less my pride would satiate
To no old gods did I deign pray
They could not close the breache'd gate

The hordes poured out into the street
I told my children they must flee
The worm-skinned ones their hearts would eat
They do not fear nobility

I did not run: there was no time
What could I do but stay and die?
The temple steps they dared to climb
And by the traitor-snake sat I

They took my crown, they slit my throat
My people slaves to bearded foes
They crossed the ocean in their boats
And to my city did they row

Tezcatlipoca showed me true:
In mirror black, a waning moon
To jaguar's left a bird hummed blue
I did not think they'd come so soon.


Written July 2012. A (fictitious?) history of the capture and death of Moctezuma II.

Rhyme scheme of the five vowels. I want to rework the last two lines of stanza four; right now they seem awfully general.

Note to self: write more poetry.

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