Wednesday, August 29, 2012


It's Wednesday and already the week feels interminable. But you know what Aurelius said:

"Think not this is ill fortune, but rather, to bear this worthily is good fortune."


1. Health

2. Full bookshelf

3. Art on my wall

4. Box of colored pencils

5. Sound of trains

6. Honey chamomile tea

7. Stories

8. Paper on which to draw

9. Football game on Friday

10. Indulgent parents

11. Flashlight

12. Affectionate cat

13. Clean water

14. Logbook

15. Uncensored blog

16. No seventh period

17. Good friends

18. Literacy


You can create whatever you want.

I need to remind myself of this. You can draw all sorts of imaginary people and places and creatures. You can write all sorts of fantastical stories. You can make yourself into whatever you are meant to be, if only you work at it.

Lately I've felt as though I'm dragging myself through the school day, wasting time, wasting energy. Unfortunately, I can't control the amount of schoolwork I receive - that was decided when I chose my schedule, and I'm not backing down now. But I can control how I spend my time.

Often I have little time left in the evenings for my own pursuits. Clearly, I need to have a strategy summit with myself and figure out how to do my schoolwork more efficiently so I can put the needed effort into the projects I choose.

Recommended reading: Making Time, by Theodora Goss.
"If I’m going to shop, it’s going to be an adventure. (Malls. Why?) That’s a good rule, actually: don’t do anything unless it’s an adventure. The other stuff: what’s the point? (Unless you like doing it, of course, and then you should. But don’t do things just because you feel as though you ought to.)
[Writing] is not about having time, but about making time. It’s about priorities. It’s about doing the things that truly matter, and trying to minimize the rest."

"Trying", meaning I can't cut APUSH or teleport to and from school.

Everything that happens to you, because you are a writer, is material.

I've said it many times, because I always need reminding: view the world through the lens of story. Life is an adventure. More specifically, to my case, school is an adventure.

(Seriously? Seriously. Just remember that you're an undercover magician and you need a well-rounded education to be any good at your real profession.)

When your heart goes bleak and you want to bury yourself under a gray mountain of sand -

Well. I don't know exactly what to do in that case. But sometimes it helps me to make plans, make lists, make a cup of tea. See what you need to do and what can safely be put off. Protect your space, sweep clean your mind.

Count your blessings, and pin them to your ceiling in place of stars.


  1. "view the world through the lens of story."


    on another note, i seem to have rediscovered your blog. mi piace molto. (probably bad grammar. apologies.)

  2. Grazie Anna. La tua grammatica e' perfetta.

    Looks like we're both secretly magicians.

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    2. Yes, I know it is you. Let us call it your nom de plume.

    3. Nom de plume? Yes yes good. Me gusta.

      /and now i'm going to delete the comment with my name in it because INTERNET SAFETYYY

  3. Tutte queste persone che parlano italiano...è fantastico! [Still I think English is waaaaay better.]

    The art of making time is sometimes elusive to me too, and then i get stuck in a rut where i feel like i am wasting my time but i do nothing to change that...i am a little bit there right now, but thanks for inspiring me: today i'm making a little list of what is going to go on from now till the end of September. Then hopefully i'm going to stick with it.

    Happy adventures!

  4. Anna ed io stiamo studiando l'italiano a scuola. Per noi, l'inglese sembra piu' noioso. ;)

    I wish you luck as well!