Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Good Hunting

An alternative method of teaching. And learning.

I just finished reading Welcome to Bordertown and really really wish the other books were at my library. Good thing I have the series site to peruse.

Introduction to rune reading.

Do you know who the Sogdians were?

From the Inkpunks blog: Things I Got from the Surrealists. The post did for me what the exhibit did to the author: "It made me want to stretch a canvas and fill it with stuffs from the deep things buried in my psyche."

Jorge Arranz has some really awesome art of buildings/cities.

The Power of Story - Ken Burns, via the indomitable Terri Windling. Waking the dead. It's okay.

 Another video via Windling:
Art: Jeanie Tomanek. Music: Arvo Part

What's the only good thing about sophomore year English class' poetry unit? Pablo Neruda.

More poems, probably discovered through Hecate Demeter's blog: The Nightingale's Nest by John Clare and Sometimes a Wild God by Coyopa.

Sometimes my left and right brain fight. Why does magic have to make sense? Right brain wins this round, though I still believe that magic should have rules. They just need to be more intuitive than mechanical.

Some stuff about MBTI:
"INTJs are used to living in their minds, mostly disregarding their physical and emotional needs...the intensity of their own emotions usually represent the main factor that throws them in distress." True. All too true. (Why am I crying? This is just a movie. Stop crying, fool!)
Ancient World History blog. Good as a resource. How to Plan Battle Scenes, from the blog of PCWrede. Guidelines:
  1. read up on strategy and tactics (see children's section for comprehensible guides) 
  2. consult a military buff/army person and note what kinds of questions they ask 
  3. decide how you want the battle to end in terms of military defeat/victory and story 
  4. develop two battle plans, one for each side, that will surprise the other side 
  5. diagram/figure out what goes on at the macro level in the battle   
An essay on objective taste. Featuring the below painting:
Hunters in the Snow - Pieter Bruegel

They have also had a good hunt.

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