Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Distance Day

The sky, above me, opens
Its vast palms, releasing
Shreds of clouds, lifting
High into the hatless blue

The wind sashays, its skirts
Swirling in time
To the pounding of feet
On grapefruit-skin track

Left, right, one, two
Slippers of fire, slippers
Borrowed from the sun
Around and around

We go ungently
Into that bright day
Face down, arms up
The perfume of turf and sweat

Curses, plagues, oaths, rage
Pearls of soot, roseless thorns
For the inside walkers, the cutters,
Those wide-eyed cheaters

But pause: one moment. Look.
The sky, above, opens its palms
Wisps of cloud float free
Up into the summer noon.


Written May 2012.

Yes, it's about PE.

(By the way: I just started revising the last chapter of TUP. Four pages until the end. I'm not freaking out yet.)

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