Wednesday, May 30, 2012

When a Necklace Breaks

I have no excuses, only jumping thoughts.


Comparison: Inn-n-Out v. Five Guys

Better burgers: Inn-n-Out

Better fries: Five Guys


Hanging out with friends: fun. I am heavily introverted but sometimes, prowling through Anthropologie gasping at the high prices and poking gentle fun at the "How to be a Lady" books is just what a girl needs.


Ambitious non-fiction-writing time-involved projects that are stewing in my head:

-full map
-manuscripts for major magic systems
-pantheon with hierarchies + myths

General stories:
-band picture (hint: look for protagonists in the lower brass)

-LARPing based on hometown + local areas of interest + Rick Riordan books
-become a chessmaster
-decide what I want to be in ten years


I went walking on Monday, and at several points thought: in a dream, this is when I'd fly.

And: as long as I can see the moon, I will be okay.


Until Friday.


...the beads scatter.

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