Friday, May 11, 2012

A Mild Fantasy

Tonight, I meant to write about my progress on the Utopia Project, or share what I've learned so far from the fascinating book After the Ice, by Steven Mithen. But it seems that will have to wait for next time, and the time after that. It's been a tiring week, and I am in need of rest.

For a while I've been mulling over the concept of "energy" as it applies to focus and mental space. Recently, my energy has been all over the place: European history, finance, the world from 20,000-5,000 BC, my future. I am not adhering to the law of foci.

Small wonder, then, this exhaustion.


Let's play a game. It only requires the imagination. If you had a day with no obligations and no plans, what would you do?

I'll go first:

I'd wake up late and read in bed: Calling on Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede, or Don Quixote.

Then, a slow breakfast in the sun: cream cheese on toast, and wheat thins.

Going for a long walk around the neighborhood, and coming back in time for lunch (something simple, like a sandwich, also eaten outside).

Going for another walk, to the library, where I'd write whatever I want.

Home around 1600 for a snack (an orange) and reading After the Ice.

Writing: the Utopia Project revisions, and a coherent blog post or two.

Dinner: eaten inside, but still something simple. Like winter melon soup.

Reading, drawing, dreaming, relaxing.

Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.


The semester is winding down and there is much to do. Tomorrow, I will not be able to follow this schedule; nor the day after that. But in my mind, at least, I am sitting at an armchair in the top level of my library, a notebook on my knee, as late-afternoon light slants through the windows.

There are, perhaps, airships, or dragons, or submarines. There will be heroes trudging through jungles and swamps and tundra, or assailing vast fortresses of metal and stone. And I, the creator, will be at rest, gathering my energy and letting it seep out onto page, where perhaps it will do some good.

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