Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Memento Mori

For the trees rise
Like the spears of a Roman legion
But the enemy is not among these:
Ostrogoths, Huns, Carthage, Etruscans
But rather
Time and the passing of it
This is one Rubicon you cannot cross
This is one Danube you cannot hold -
Cannot fortify, cannot grip.

It'll kill you, eventually
Brutus will come, whom you trusted
Or Odoacer, whom you did not
Nero will turn on you
And tell you to die.

Maybe no one will come for you
And you'll crumble on your own
Your gods forgotten,
Your borders unraveling,
Your pipes of lead as though you could be poisoned
From the inside out
And maybe you can
Maybe there's something wrong inside you
Cancer ambitious, ambition cancerous
You should have listened to Marcus
(basterai, basterai)

Depart then satisfied
End thy journey in content
You have embarked,
Made the voyage,
Come to shore:
Get out.

Find your way back
To the forest where Lupa found you
To the trees that rise around you
Like the columns of your famous temples
Like empires built on your bones
Dis Manibus

You can rest now.


Written March 2012. Needs some revision.

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