Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Last Winter Hunt

Spring begins officially tomorrow! On my last hunt of the winter, I have found various interesting and lovely things to share. Mostly images.

Kilmeny, by Warwick Goble
Two poems shared by Hecate Demeter: "Beloved, Let Us Once More Praise The Rain" by Conrad Aiken and "Moon and Water" by Mary Oliver.

Get some perspective.

Sicily is really beautiful.

Lovely image and concept: exchanging art.

Illustration 7 for Il Penteramone, by Warwick Goble

The Getty Villa. If I go to Caltech, I will visit this place.

"Heartbreak Morning" by Barbara Newton.

"Breaking Wave" by Graham Brace. Great colored pencil drawings are inspiring.
Illustration to the Thought Machine by Ammianus Marcellinus,
by Frank R. Paul
How to Digest Books Above Your Level: I have a feeling that as I continue to direct my education, I'll be referring to this. By the same guy, a guide to Stoicism.

I read a lot this season.

winter 2011-2012

The Hotel Under the SandThe Psychology Of C. G. Jung: 1973 EditionThe Inside StoryGoliathCrispin: The End Of TimeBreathe My Name

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To quote a poem I wrote in fifth grade, "Winter is the time to put your thoughts in order." Now, it is spring. Do you hear that? Adventure. It's calling.
Illustration from In Powder and Crinoline, by Kay Nielsen

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