Friday, February 17, 2012

Medieval Leanings

My kingdom for the one who can tell me the title of the song that plays on this site.

Cemetery by Caspar David Friedrich
All right, Friedrich isn't medieval, but the Romantics like medieval things so this is relevant.

For a school portfolio project, I will read unassigned chapters of my history textbook on the fall of the Roman Empire and the Early Middle Ages.

For myself, I will toss around ideas for the ballad of "the Sorceress and the Falcon Knight". Reading of medieval poetry and epics will be my research.

Tapestries are beautiful things. I would, very much, like to go to my public library and look at the ones hanging on the walls.
William Morris tapestry
The Pre-Raphaelites weren't medieval either, but facts get in the way. They always do.

Good night and good weekend.

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