Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Poems

Valentine's Day is irrelevant to me, since I do not have/want a relationship right now. But I thought I'd give a nod to the spirit of the holiday, and offer some (not) love poems.


When the space between us was tundra
That I loathed with all my ocean-heart’s fury
I dreamed of you

I talked to your specter
Brief exchanges
My dissatisfaction a weed
I could never have enough

You told me not to forget you
I never have but I was disappointed
I was running and you weren’t chasing

You helped me when I asked
I saved you while we fled on foot to the mountains

More often I tried to find you
I found you had secrets
But not what they were

(You told me you missed me)

You made masterpieces and I was as I am
Admiring and jealous
And greedy like a plant for soil and water
And the light of your smile

I tried to talk to you but I couldn’t
(You hadn’t the time for me)
When I did it was about the most mundane things:
Roller coasters and buses
That couldn’t traverse the wide tundra
That never got me any closer to you


Don't Fix What Ain't Broke

It's not that I don't dream
About your eyes and your smile
It's not that I really mind
Staying up late talking to you

But this is better, isn't it?
You are my friend, as I am yours
We talk math and history
Books, and method, and the future

Math especially, because I love it
And you love it and that's the only time
We'll use the word love
(Aside from favorite foods)

I like it this way.
I spent years pining for you
Pathetic, wasn't it, for me
To break my heart that way?

Other girls can talk to you
Dance with you, laugh with you
Hold your hand, hold your gaze
I'm after your brain not your heart

It'd be unfair to want more
Since that's all I'm willing to leave
On the table, at risk of being
Knocked to the floor

Not that I don't trust you
Any less than the next person
But you don't know how much you could hurt me
And you don't need to know

There's a glass wall between us
I can see you just fine
You can see me just fine
We need no more than that

You can't touch me, can't shatter me
Even by accident, much less on purpose
It'll be better this way, won't it?
Don't break what you can't fix


Something of superior quality/marginally happier:

Never Be the Same - Red


Hm. Methinks they both need revision.

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