Tuesday, February 28, 2012

An Inconvenient Reunion

Ingrid was out in the forest looking for a fox who could answer her a few questions about why it steals -

she had a duel scheduled with a wizard for next Tuesday, and she thought the fox could help her immensely in understanding her opponent

- when she came across a man in armor, lying against a tree, covered in blood.

She stopped and shifted her grip on her staff, ready to use it as a bludgeoning or stabbing weapon as needed. Then she looked closer.

The man was not dead yet, she realized, seeing the rise and fall of his chest. Pity. She'd have to help him. Cautiously, Ingrid approached.

She scooped up a handful of the bloodstained earth and inhaled its scent. It gave her flashes of images: men liveried in gray, with white and red sashes - Lord Ferrus' men, she thought, and wondered what the quarrel was.

Another inhalation: an arrow piercing the left arm; a black horse thundering below, and then gone as if cut away - wait, she thought.

Black horse. A familiar black horse.

Ingrid took a closer look at the man's armor. His helmet had fallen off, so she couldn't see the plume, and his surcoat was ripped...but it looked like the coat of arms was meant to be a bird. A bird of prey.

She couldn't see his face - it was all covered with a mop of hair, light brown, an unremarkable color, only...Ingrid carefully rolled the wounded knight onto his back (he groaned softly) and brushed the damp hair off his burning forehead.

Oh. She dropped her hand and would have tripped backward if she didn't grab onto the tree.

It looks like she'd been right. Indeed, it was him.

Dylan Waldfogel.

Thought, it was the Falcon Knight these days, wasn't it? Last time she'd heard, he was in the Cral Forest. So how had he come here, chased by Lord Ferrus' men?

And wounded, she reminded herself. She'd have to get healing supplies, make inquiries...she sighed. All this right before her duel.

That was just like Dylan, wasn't it? Always dropping in at the most inopportune times. He'd have to tell one hell of a tale to make it up to her.


Written longhand on Sunday. Takes place in the GW world, but a few centuries prior. I daresay you'll be seeing more of Ingrid and Dylan in the future.

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