Friday, February 24, 2012

Good Hunting

I come bearing gifts.
Madame Monet and her Son by Claude Monet
Here are some writing tips from Hilari Bell, author of the Farsala Trilogy and the Knight and Rogue books. Ones that were particularly useful:
A short story: The Lady or the Tiger? I want to draw something based on it.

Stormy Weather by Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot
From PCWrede: two posts about subplots; the first says to balance them, the second says how and recommends color coding, which I will try. Another post about getting from the beginning to the middle. She always knows the right questions to ask.

I'd like me some mermaid gloves.

Garth Nix, one of my favorite authors (Abhorsen trilogy, Keys to the Kingdom) talks about his process.

The Bomarzo Monster Park is something that I'd very much like to incorporate into a story.

Casa do Monte - Portugal // 5D Mark II - 24p from Miguel Santana on Vimeo.
This makes me want to spin around in a field in the late afternoon.

I want to dig around on the site Beautiful Libraries.

Mt. Etna. I'll use this as a resource when drawing the Volcano, source of my third grade imaginations.

Eldena Ruin by Caspar David Friedrich

Good weekend. Good hunting.

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