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Who Are All These People?

Being a cheat sheet for the series of stories collectively known as GW.

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Gemeinhardt, Gunter

Age: 16

Family: Kornelia Gemeinhardt (mother), Franko Datger (father), Wolfgang Gemeinhardt (younger brother)

Instrument: Clarinet

Occupation: Student at Besen Institute, Chess champion

Quote: "After you kill two birds with one stone, the rest of the flock will be so distracted that you can net them all!"

Weapon of Choice: Elemental magic (wind and metal), Strategy

Gemeinhardt, Kornelia

Age: 45

Family: Franko Datger (husband), Gunter and Wolfgang Gemeinhardt (sons)

Occupation: Chief Peacekeeper of the Metallic Citadel

Quote: "Be reasonable, and no one gets hurt."

Weapon of Choice: Authority, Police baton

Gui, Jared

Age: 15

Family: Parents he never sees

Instrument: Bassoon

Occupation: Student at Besen Institute, Guard for Castle Lancaster

Quote: "I'm just doing my job, all right?"

Weapon of Choice: Sword

Holston, Demyan

Age: 15

Family: Parents he never sees

Instrument: Alto sax

Occupation: Guard for Castle Lancaster, Traitor

Quote: "You're as pretty - and weak - as ever, darling."

Weapon of Choice: Sneering, Broadsword

Kale, Andreas

Age: 15

Family: Phaedra Kale (mother), Adrian Hjortskov (father), Dandelion/Dani (cat)

Instrument: Flute, Oboe

Occupation: Student at Besen Institute, Healer

Quote: "Let's see what we have to work with."

Weapon of Choice: Tier magic, Staff

Kramer, Melusine

Age: 15

Family: Parents she doesn't get along with

Instrument: Alto sax

Occupation: Student at Besen Institute, Victim, Healer

Quote: "I'm sorry."

Weapon of Choice: Crying, Elemental Magic (earth and water)

Lancaster, Konrad

Age: 15

Family: King Lancaster (father), Helene Lancaster (older sister)

Instrument: Snail horn (AKA French horn, but there is no France in fantasyland)

Occupation: Prince, Instigator

Quote: "I'm happy that I've got an enemy like you. It makes things so much more interesting."

Weapon of Choice: Knives, Wand magic

Lantos, Nikodim

Age: 24

Family: Lord Dimitar Lantos (uncle)

Instrument: Flute

Occupation: Noble, Flautist, Victim

Quote: "Are you sure this is a good idea?"

Weapon of Choice: Sword

Lejano, Amedea

Age: 16

Family: Teofilo Lejano (father), Eliana Wallace (mother, estranged), Jensen (dog)

Instrument: Trombone

Occupation: Student at Besen Institute, Voice of reason

Quote: "Everyone, shut up and let's figure out a plan."

Weapon of Choice: Crossbow, Tier magic

Linden, Vincent

Age: 19

Family: Matilda Ostberg (mother), Timotheus Linden (father), Petra (cat)

Instrument: Bari sax, Bass clarinet

Occupation: Fighting champion, Student at Mengabur College of Engineering

Quote: "What can I do?"

Weapon of Choice: Blunt weapons, Brass knuckles, Mind magic

MacGregor, Thaddeus

Age: 16

Family: Lauraine MacGregor (mother), Frederik Roris (father, hasn't lived with family in ten years), Orsolya Markov (half-sister)

Instrument: Clarinet, Drums

Occupation: Student at Besen Institute, Petty criminal

Quote: "So what if I did it? No one got seriously hurt."

Weapon of Choice: Elemental Magic (double fire)

Markov, Orsolya

Age: 24

Family: Lauraine MacGregor (mother), Georg Markov (father, deceased), Thaddeus MacGregor (half-brother)

Occupation: Rescuer, Wanderer

Quote: "Don't panic."

Weapon of Choice: Halberd, Elemental magic (earth and metal)

Merle, Adelaide

Age: 15

Family: Parents who don't care what she does

Occupation: Student at Besen Institute, Exploiter

Quote: "You know, you'd really be doing me a huge favor if you..."

Weapon of Choice: Ritual magic, Manipulation

Montero, Renee

Age: 15

Family: Parents who work as messengers

Instrument: Trumpet

Occupation: Student at Besen Institute, Messenger

Quote: "Is that the best you can do?"

Weapon of Choice: Flight, Longbow

Musil, Chelsea

Age: 14

Family: Former Noble Family of the Southmarsh (deceased)

Instrument: Flute

Occupation: Fugitive, Waitress at the Blue Butterfly Inn

Quote: "Keep it simple."

Weapon of Choice: Strategy, Knives

Pars, Gerardo

Age: 46

Family: Maria Resah (wife), Eli Pars (son, deceased), Soldiers under his command (de facto sons)

Instrument: Tuba

Occupation: Captain of the Northern Division

Quote: "You've done well, son."

Weapon of Choice: the Law, Standard-issue Sword


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