Tuesday, January 10, 2012


“Any sign of Palomar’s people?”

Andreas looked up from the bowl of ink he was using to scry. “No,” he said. “I can’t say I’m surprised. After you guys beat him so thoroughly and exposed his cheating, he’s not going to be in a hurry to challenge you again.”

Gunter took a seat. “I suppose not.” He glanced around the reading room. “Say, Andreas, is it allowed for you to be scrying in here?”

With a grin that was only half-guilty, Andreas said, “It isn’t. But I don’t have any books out to spill the ink on, not real books at least.”

“Real books, you say? As opposed to what, fake books? Pirated copies?”

“Illusions. You can’t live next door to a mind magic adept without picking up a few things. But,” Andreas continued, “that librarian is glaring at us. I think I’ll get rid of the evidence before she decides to investigate.”

He conscientiously poured the ink back into its container; not a drop rolled out to stain the old wooden tables of the Besen reading room. Decanting potentially dangerous solutions is the sort of problem healers and apothecaries run into often, and Andreas had years of practice doing that.

Gunter thought, if he looked out of the corner of his eye, that the illusion was making it seem as though he was stacking heavy reference books. The librarian Andreas had pointed out was looking at them again.

“Here, Andreas, let me help you with those books,” he said, standing with his back to the librarian so his smirk wouldn’t give them away.

“Oh, thanks. I believe they go over there.”

They hurriedly shelved the illusory books, and then headed for the door. But before Gunter could touch the handle, the door burst open to reveal a girl with hair long and disheveled, a face round and full of panic.

Behind her was Amy, looking fractionally less distraught. “Good, it’s you two,” she said, but before they could ask her what was going on the other girl told them.

“It’s Melusine!” she said, her eyes wild. “She’s been kidnapped!”

Andreas and Gunter looked at one another, then at Amy. “Who did it?” Andreas asked.

Amy replied, “Someone with resources outside of Besen, someone with an issue with Melusine or with us, someone” she held up a short dagger with a garnet rose set in the hilt “careless enough, or arrogant enough, to leave behind a calling card.”

The boys’ eyes widened. “Lancaster.”


Short GW piece, since I haven't finished a scene there for a while. Unfinished scenes, however, abound...

It's a prequel of sorts to this storyline. I am dissatisfied with the title - in fact, it's only the title because I'm going through an SAT word book and want to write short fictions using the words I don't know as the prompts. Let's see how long I last doing that.

Someone suggested a character cheat sheet would be helpful. I shall work on it. What kind of information should I include?


  1. Oh! A character cheat sheet? We use those in Creative Writing; I'll scan it in the next time I do a sketchbook dump.

    Which probably should be soon... I haven't done one in ages.

  2. I look forward to seeing it!