Saturday, December 17, 2011

Words Rambling in a Field

Enough with the scheduled posts. I am here live and in person. Ciao a tutti.

Some snippets, since my head isn't on straight enough for anything cohesive (or, possibly, coherent, to go by the title).


I've just spent the last hour watching a performance of the Little Mermaid by the San Francisco Ballet on TV. Never having watched any other pro ballets, I lack any points of reference, but as they say, if you like it it's good and if you don't then it's not.

I liked it. It was disturbing, definitely not the Disney Little Mermaid (a medley of which we are currently playing in band). There were a few moments that broke my engagement in the story - I won't specify - and the prince did not seem worth a sacrifice (though I didn't see the beginning, so I might be missing something). But the Mermaid was a compelling main character, and her unrequited feelings provoked a wince of empathy.

Poor girl.


First final was today, the other six are next week. Studying at the library is excellent. I'm planning on spending at least a couple hours there tomorrow, at a desk in the upper floor. Until after finals, I am not permitting myself to check out new books: no matter, since I have plenty of books at home to occupy me.

Speaking of which, I'm slowly working my way through Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond. For now I'm just taking it in, but I see ways in which it can be applied to worldbuilding. I'll talk more about it when I have something to say.

When I'm at the computer, this is how I study: put on and black out the screen.

About studying: I'd forgotten how peaceful it can be. I want to study like this for something of my own choosing.


Another Utopia Project progress post is forthcoming. I've just finished the longest scene in the book. Life always informs writing, and it certainly did for this scene. More on that when I have time (and it's close, Wednesday's the last day of the semester).


Italian class is a wonderful place, and my friends from there are wonderful people who have excellent taste in music that makes you want to cry for the beauty of it:

Mio Dio. I am going to miss them so much when they graduate. Come mi mancheranno!


Have a good weekend, guys. And, since it's almost midnight as I finish writing this, sweet dreams.

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