Friday, December 30, 2011

Getting Organized (By Which I Mean Armed)

Being bellicose, I tend to view things as a battle. Here is my armament for taking on 2012.


I wanted to make a calendar this year instead of buying one. It was fun.

In the upper right you can see one of my first concepts. I like the design with the name of the month going down the side, but I decided to use the other kind of card instead. Because of the notches (they used to be in a telephone number file) I can't use then for school flash cards, so this seemed as good a use as any for them.

Since I'm stingy, I used the rough draft card to make notes to myself about the construction of the cards. For example, for the sake of uniform numbers of rows, I moved September 30 to the October card (at the bottom).

I used different colored gel pens for each season, even though we don't have proper seasons in California. I did the dates in regular ballpoint pen since I can throw a gel pen a lot farther than I trust it.

So now I'm faced with the question of where to put my new calendar. It's only about 83% smaller than last year's. Ha. I'll probably pile some notebooks there and put the calendar on top of them. Yeah, that'll work.



The calendar's not the only way I'm getting organized for 2012. I have also set up a logbook from this week until the end of the semester.

Here it is:

Picture quality is shoddy. Webcam < scanner.

This post is already pretty self-indulgent, so I'll continue being so. All right. Along the left are the dates of the week (1/1 - 1/7, for example). Then four boxes for writing, four boxes for euphonium, two for blog posts, and then a blank column so I can make tally marks for the books I read.

"EAL, do you have OCD?"

Probably. In my defense, I got the idea from Austin Kleon.


"En garde. PrĂȘts? Allez!"


  1. *had to look up bellicose* That's a good word. Bellicose... like comatose, only different.

    And the answer to your final question is, of course and eternally, yes. I think everyone is, to some degree. ;P

  2. Words are fun. I remember I was really amused when a book I read recently had a line about someone raising a supercilious eyebrow...and another time there was mention of a cavalier knight.