Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Her mouth is dotted with blood
Dark on her white fur
Her eyes stare up at me
As I carry her down the stairs
She is asking me
Why can I not eat?
Why can I not hunt?

And I tell her
Of diseases that hide
From her keen cat-eyes
That the limp figure
Trailing from her mouth
May be, among the two,
The better killer.

And I tell her she is wrong
I do not hold her back
I tell her
Stalk the rodents, stalk and kill
As your ancestors would
In the wide fields -
In the deserts -
Among the rushes by the Nile
I know it is not for food
I know it is for instinct
For the whisper embedded in your primal brain.

Do what you do
My little black-and-white lioness
I'm proud of you, darling.


Inspired by a certain incident last Friday night when my cat came running in with a dead mouse.

Hm. Needs more revision.


  1. Mmmh, not too much revision ok? it sounds pretty good to me

    hope you are good!


  2. Thanks! I've been taking your advice and trying to find things to like about school...it's working pretty well so far. :)