Friday, August 12, 2011

Welcome to the Besen Institute

Look at that building.  Isn't it nice?  Very tall, with imposing stone walls; vast grounds, plenty of well-stocked practice fields, gardens in many styles.  In good weather it looks palatial, in bad weather it looks forbidding.

Ask any of the students walking along the cobblestone paths, How do you like Besen Institute?

"Oh, it's wonderful," some will say.  "You learn so much.  Why, did you know that the death rate of Besen graduates who fought there is half that of the overall rate in that famous battle of the Field of White Lines?"

No, I did not know that.  How interesting.  What else can you tell me?

"Orsolya Markov, the one known as Lady Demon, is planning to visit Besen in the spring.  Everyone's thinking of ways to get her to give autographs."

Isn't that exciting!  Besen must be a great school to attract such luminaries.

"Yes, of course.  You can form all sorts of connections here.  I've been here since I was ten, of course, and second year my roommate was the son of Kornelia Gemeinhardt - the Kornelia Gemeinhardt, you must have heard of her, she's famous, head of the peacekeepers in the Metallic Citadel.  I've met her personally, she says I'd be perfect for a peacekeeping job."

Well, that's certainly fascinating -

"By the Wise One, you are stupid.  Everyone involved in the Field of the White Lines is dead by now; Orsolya's visiting because she's my half-sister and I haven't seen her in years, she's been too busy rescuing that daft lord Nikodim; and Mrs. Kornelia wouldn't consider me a peacekeeper for a minute, not when I'm getting hauled in by the soldiers every other week.  Though it is true that I roomed with Gunther - he kept beating me at chess.

"Oh yeah, and Besen is a hellhole.  I don't know what you're doing here, but you'd best get away, far away, before it chews you up and spits you out.  Though, by the look of you, you think I'm just trying to psych you out, you're probably going in anyway.

"Worse for you.  But you seem dumb, so it's not much of a loss.  Look, you've wasted enough of my time already, I've got to get to my Advanced Tier Magic class.  If you need help, don't ask me.  Bye."

You have just met Thaddeus MacGregor.


An experimental piece from my GW story, which still has no plot.  Should I continue it?


As this post goes live, I will either be eating free food, drinking free soda, talking with my band friends, or swimming. :)

Part II of the Oneiroi coming on Sunday.

Also, you may notice a new page called "Creations."  There you'll find short stories, poems, and information about my WIPs.


  1. I really like the style you've taken in this little tidbit. It's a little hard to say whether or not more would be interesting seeing as there's hardly a story in it, but I would enjoy reading a story written in such a manner.

    Jeez, I sound like my gramma. Basically, yeah, write more.

  2. All right! I don't know that this style would work for a longer story, but since it's fun to write in I'll go full steam ahead. :D

    Re: lack of story - I know the characters and setting but have no idea what the plot is. These experimental snippets will (theoretically) help me find out.