Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Was it Worth It?

How will they know you don't belong?

What will give it away?
Will they notice your snout is a trifle long
Your eyes yellow not brown?
What will betray you?
Will your fur be too coarse
Your teeth too sharp?

When will they figure it out?
When will the screams rise?
How will they know
That they let a wolf in with the dogs?

Who will seize you
Drag you out of the ring of firelight
Beyond the walls that lie "safe"?

What is the price for straying
From the night and the trees
And your family, your pack?
Will you regret your curiosity
As you look into those steel eyes?
Can your animal-heart feel such things?

Will you whimper mercy?
Will you be brave?

How loud the rifle's report?


In the dream that inspired this poem, it was a TSwizzle song.


I didn't mean to miss yesterday's post.  My house has been invaded by my parents' friends and it did not seem good form to be on the interwebz while they are here.


  1. Though I'm not a big fan of wolves (I think they're overhyped, overdone, and, frankly, cliched), I do like the idea of this poem.

    Hey, how was band camp for you? I'm on my weekend break from my high school band camp right now, but I have to go back on Monday and Tuesday. I wanna hear about your band experience and stuff. Do you have a competition show?

  2. In general I find wolves too obvious a subject, but I didn't think I'd get the same effect if it was, say, a coyote. ;)

    Band camp was really fun. We don't march competitively - in fact, we only perform a few times each year. It's too bad, as I quite like marching. I won drill down on the last day of band camp this year, which was somewhat surprising (though in a good way). What about you, how's band camp treating you so far?

  3. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeh, it's a wee bit of a nightmare. I'm pretty out of shape despite exercising regularly (well, by that I mean I exercised at least once a week) this summer. We do planks twice a day and run ladders on the field. Plus it's been super hot and humid. But. This is my last year, and I wouldn't give marching band up for anything.

    We march competitively in my area. Our show this year is called Sunrise to Sunset, and you can hear the music here if you want:
    Our drill is super cool! It basically follows the path of the sun, so the entire band starts at the sunrise at the endzone and ends at the other endzone. :) I'll have to show you a video when we can put it on youtube.

  4. Oh man. Your band camp sounds really intense. x| But your field show sounds like it will be awesome.