Friday, August 26, 2011

Look, Shiny

Have I got some shiny things to share today!

The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

This video is just gorgeous.

Writing-related morsels:

A highly relevant post about finding beauty in your manuscript again.

Theodora Goss talks about writing despite it all - meaning, making your writing important to you.  More Goss posts: The Inner Life and a discussion of Quality.

I also like her poem, "Witch". Goss' witch seems to have a sort of fierce sad lonesomeness.

PCWrede has a post about Surprise and Suspense.

Holly Lisle has completely revamped both her website and her writing career. Check it out.

Some tips for the artists among us:

Caitlyn Kurilich, or flakycake, gives advice about shading. She's probably one of the artists who has had the most influence on my style.

Tracy J. Butler, creator of Lackadaisy (a webcomic about Prohibition-era talking cat rumrunners), has construction advice.

A very moving comic about being an artist. Found via Terri Windling's site.


The artist Claire Hummel, or Shoomlah, is pretty darn incredible. Her historical Disney princesses series is both well-researched/thought out and lovely.

Okay, this one is old: ages ago in April I bookmarked a The Ruined Majesty of Cerreg Cennen, which has breathtaking pictures of an old Welsh castle.

Here's a picture I stumbled across a while ago on Tumblr. Watercolor gorgeousness right there.

Disassembly. Isn't there something beautiful about the dismantled guts of a machine laid out neatly?

A Mermaid in the Attic's Talesingr series is simply mesmerizing.

Some awesome/creepy sculpture/art fixtures found through an old Goss post (can you tell whose blog I follow?): Daniele del Nero's architectural models and the Underwater Sculptures of Jason de Caires Taylor.

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