Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blue Butterfly Intrigue

The Blue Butterfly Inn is renowned for its prompt, polite service.

When you open the door, you will see why.  The receptionist, who bears a pleasant, welcoming smile, will ask you what kind of room you want and, like as not, tell you that one such is available, and it has a splendid view of the town - which, as you know, is most quaint and picturesque for being in such close proximity to a cursed tomb.

Your rooms will be clean, the bed neatly made.  All the furniture is old, but it's well cared for and solid.  After you dump your bags onto the freshly laundered sheets, you might decide that there's enough time for exploring the town and surroundings tomorrow, you might as well get some dinner in the restaurant downstairs.

There, the good service continues.  A respectable-looking young man will greet you and show you to a table.  Like the furniture in your room, the tables are old, but they too are sturdy.  What a nice change, you would think, from the tables in the shady taverns of the Metallic Citadel.  No profanity carved into the wood.  The patrons, too, seem a cut above - you glance around surreptitiously and note that while no one looks noble, at least you can see everyone's faces.

You will place your order with one of the waitstaff.  This will come after much deliberation, because everything on the menu sounds very good.  Well, you decide, I'll just have to eat in for the rest of the trip - or make another trip sometime.

A young woman will come carrying your food, and as you look up you might feel a flicker of recognition.  You've seen her somewhere, she was important (though not to you), she's familiar...

Her long sandy-clay hair is probably tied back so that it can't get in the food (the Blue Butterfly Inn is very hygienic), and her green eyes will be more like grass than emeralds.  She's freckled and reasonably tan, though you can tell that naturally she would be pale.  Not a common look, but not uncommon either.

"Do I know you from somewhere?" you might ask.

"Perhaps," she would reply with a winning smile, and put your food down.  As she did so, you would catch a glimpse of her name tag.


This may or may not help you.  Here, why don't I give you a clue?  Think back to political upheavals in the south several years ago.  Does that help?

Your eyes will go wide is realization.  This is none other than Lady Chelsea.  Do you remember her now?  The little noblegirl whose family was killed six years back?  She is the missing one, for whom the new Lord of the Southmarsh will pay two hundred pieces of gold, alive or dead.


Need: a new title.


  1. You flicker in between tenses occasionally, but as always it's just fun to read, and OH MY GOSH I'M NOT THE ONLY PERSON (besides you, of course, EAL) WHO COMMENTS ON/READS THIS BLOG.

    I just had a heart attack. XP

  2. @Antonella Thank you. :)

    @Alexa Gosh, thanks for pointing out the tenses. Need to fix that. x|

    And re: another commenter - I know right? Antonella, we are excited to have you here. :D

  3. So... Excited...


    I'm a stickler for tenses. What can I say? I'm just perfect, you know, when it comes to them. I've never had a tense-related problem in my life. ;)