Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Summer Explodes into Art

Summer = more time. More time in which to draw. To break out of the art rut that usually besets me for, I don't know, the entire first half of the year. -_-

But that's all past. Let us roll.

Thaddeus MacGregor, a character from my GW story. He had no characterization at the beginning of the summer, whether in looks or personality, but he has developed both since then.  I really question my colors in this piece.

Renee Montero, another GW character. She is somewhat evil, but hey, she was fun to color.

Lady Euphrosyne, so named after my euphonium. She's a character in a story that I'm writing longhand in which some sorceresses apprehend a thief who has been sent to steal the silver torch of Prometheus. That's pretty much all I have of the story so far, but Lady Euph will be a bamf.

The composition of this picture kind of burns my eyes. x_x

Toto Menoir and Madge Lobolinskaya from the Utopia Project. They both have forceful personalities. In hindsight, perhaps they might have thought it out a bit more before merging their groups...power struggle holla.

GW sketches. Considering it doesn't have a plot yet, GW sure takes up a lot of my drawing time. Clockwise from top left: Andreas Kale (nice healer kid), Thaddeus MacGregor (this is his final evolution design), Amedea Lewis (the reasonable one), Andreas again, Oyvind Linden (Vin or the Mind Butcher), and an older Andreas. Yeah, Andreas is fun to draw.

A sketch. Wavy hair is hard to draw.

SF sketches. Clockwise from top left: Teresa, the leader of a revolution; Carla, a girl; Stefano, the eldest son of the head of the ruling family of the city-state that recently conquered the town from which Teresa is leading the rebellion (whew!); and Lorenzo, who is Stefano's knight/best friend/bastion of support+loyalty and Carla's brother.

I can't quantify my love for the ocean except with infinity.

"Adelaide, Adelaide, you need to quit quit making a scene."
-"Adelaide" by Anberlin
She does, she really does need to quit making a scene. She also needs to stop lying, manipulating her "friends," and betting illegally. I present you Adelaide Merle, of GW, a most troublesome girl. As if sorry is any consolation.


This year, I challenged myself to draw three full pictures in both June and July. I'm one picture away from completing that goal. This post is partially for my benefit - so I can see that I have, indeed, made progress. And I have. My color choices are considerably less awful.

Onwards! To new vistas of improvement over the jagged rocks of self-criticism!


So, uh, care to leave an idea for what my last piece of the summer (I don't count August for a number of reasons) should be?


Quick housekeeping note: I'm considering changing my posting schedule to Monday-Wednesday-Friday instead of Sunday-Tuesday-Friday. Thoughts?


  1. Good plan, since I don't check the computer on Sundie.

    If I may, there are some things I notice about your anatomy that may improve your drawings. But only if you wish to be critiqued.

    Also, have you ever taken a drawing or painting class? I would recommend one, not because you're bad or anything, but I think you would definitely benefit. Have you ever given a thought to watercolors?

  2. I love critiques. Honestly. Anything you've got, I'll take it. :D

    The last drawing class I took was when I was nine. Years of anime-style drawing has not done anything to improve me...but I don't think I'll take a class, because of time issues.

    I like watercolors but I use them rarely.

    Thanks for all your suggestions. Btw, I checked out the book you mentioned. :3

  3. Oh my dear, you are missing out. If you have the opportunity to take painting one during high school, do it. It was one of the best classes I ever took. Granted, courses and teachers vary from school to school, but it's always worth a shot.

    Okay, critiquing. First off, I notice that a lot of your characters have necks the size of tree trunks, esp. your female characters, which really throws me off. The best way to fix that is to stare at people's necks. No, I'm serious. Look at the way it curves, how long it is, how it connects to the shoulder, how it connects to the back of the skull.

    Your best teaching method is not a book or a class, but observation and practice, practice, practice. If you have a friend, parent, or sibling who's willing to model a body part for you on occasion, even better. I like to have my friends model their heads and hands so I can get the perspective right.

    Second, your facial structure tends to be a little skewompous. Most of the time you're okay, but sometimes your faces start to look a little Picasso-esque.

    Not that that's bad, but I assume that's not what you're going for. Generally people don't have spade faces, and if you use guides on your sketches you can place eyes, noses, and mouths with perfect accuracy every time. If helps make your characters seem more convincing in appearance.

    If you like, I can whip up a guide I use when I draw faces. :)

    Another thing: anatomy, especially in Renee. If you look at her waist, and the waist of a real person, you'll notice that she is impossibly skinny. It's a hard thing to learn how to do properly, anatomy, and again it just takes observation and lots of practice. I have little bare-bones sketches I use to help me with anatomy, and I can give you one if you want.

    That's about it (for now. I might be forgetting something). Basically the bottom line is to draw your imagination from reality. You're drawing human subjects, so even if their main features come from your brain, their basic structure should be rooted in real people that you can see and observe (if that makes sense).

    P.S. My favorite chapter in Outside Lies Magic is the one about powerlines. ;) I think about it every time I'm out on a drive or riding in the car.

  4. *-* Thank you so much.

    Re: necks. I used to draw little stick-necks, so I guess I'm overcompensating. Oops.

    Re: faces guide. Would you? I would be eternally grateful.

    Again, thank you. You are like this fount of advice and great poetry and general awesomeness. :)

  5. http://alexaliteration.blogspot.com/2011/07/i-could-write-art-book.html

    Here you go!

    o////////o Thank you... c:

  6. Hey, have you tried out that little guide yet? I want to see what you've done!

  7. I've done some sketching of faces, I just haven't gotten around to scanning them in.