Friday, July 29, 2011

Ode to Notebooks

I do love you

Sheets of paper that tear everywhere except the perforations
Twisted spirals that warp and bend
Worn-away back cardboard cover
And all

I don't mind that you are lined
Because what are lines for but to be crossed

And I don't mind that there's no backspace key
Because crossing things out gives such a satisfying feeling
(Even when it cuts straight through the next page)

I can write large when I feel bold and small when I feel unbold
(this is the best I can do when I'm not with you)
And underlining things with pencil or pen
Is so much more satisfying than typing "<u>" and "</u>"

So what if I can't read my own handwriting sometimes?
So what if my words crash into one another?

I can draw circles and lines -
Real ones, not like --------> that

And if I don't like what I've written
I can tear out a page
(That will perforate cleanly for the first millimeter)
And crumple it
And toss it

(Into recycling, of course, so they can make more like you)

And start again on a page unsullied by the memory of



What do you guys think? Finished or unfinished?

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  1. More, because I hate to see the end of anythi