Sunday, July 3, 2011

How Great is my Love for the Ocean?


Yesterday I went to the beach and posted about it on Tumblr. I wrote:

Went to the beach today

It was overcast, but all the more beautiful for that.

The beach is not about the sand or the sun or the rocks (and definitely not about the people. Oh hell no).

It’s about the ocean, and if I could I’d just stand there forever staring at the waves coming in, blocking out all else because the ocean is more than enough.

It’s everything.

And then I posted an absolutely beautiful video:

OCEAN from Sarosh Jacob on Vimeo.

And I said:

We are so hopelessly terrestrial.

Because we are. We are. The sea was not made for humans. In one of my stories I had a god of the sea, Lord Deep Ocean, but after yesterday I decided I absolutely had to get rid of him. No one rules the ocean.

If I'd been alone I would have fallen on my knees. But I couldn't do that because everyone else on the beach was throwing frisbees, or building sand castles, or digging holes, or lounging on beach chairs reading, or talking as if their words were more important than the rushing of the waves - in short, their eyes were not on the ocean, which means they don't feel compelled to watch it, which means their hearts do not line up with mine.

So much hides beneath the surface. I've written about my drowning dreams, which I treasure above all else, and what I like most about them is that I can pierce some of the mystery of this place that draws me in so deeply.

I don't know if the ocean is magic, but I don't believe so. I'm inclined to think that it is older than any enchantment we could deign to understand.

We will fade.

But the ocean is always.

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