Friday, June 10, 2011

The World of Utopia Project, part II

Here's the second part of my promised detailed synopsis of my story Utopia Project. Part one can be found here.


I have tons and tons of characters, so only the four of the most important from each country are detailed here.



Bone Maron: a bald boy who has air NE. Is NOT Aang. Best at combat in his class. Wind NE.

Ranna “Rat” Sade: her nickname says it all. Second-best after Bone. Fire NE.

Valerie Abascal: nice. Can’t use NE for an important reason.

Anthony Fernan: does not go to school with the above three. Can make friends with anyone (and yes, that’s important). Fire NE.

Alpine Kingdom

Tom Menoir: wimp. Water NE.

Toto Menoir: older brother of the above. Not a wimp. Earth NE.

Omar Menoir: younger brother of the above two. A little bit crazy. Wind NE.

Gabriella “Gabie” Menoir: cousin of the above three. Opinionated. Very skilled fire NE.


Madge Lobolinskaya: involved in the “Wolf Pack.” Confrontational, impulsive. She’s pretty good at wind NE but she prefers to hit.

Sheena Swiss: down-to-earth, farm girl and proud of it. Best friend of the above. Earth NE.

Jodet Sienna: skipped a few grades. Damn smart and she knows it. Not as nice as she seems. Water NE.

Derrick: doesn’t go to school with the above three. From the city. Can impress his betters. Earth NE.



Lieutenant Ivanka Florcax: 128 seasons old and no sign of slowing down. Tough soldier. Wind NE.

Lizard Pell: so named because his mom was sick while pregnant with him and got better after eating a lizard.  Dumb as rocks but strong. Water NE but he doesn’t use it.

Markus Pell: older brother of the above. Middle child syndrome + smartest person in his generation = alone.  Who knows, his readings may come in handy. Fire NE.

Janek Pell: older brother of the above two. Bright but not book-smart. Friendly. Wind NE.


Radu “the Whirlwind”: one of seven elite members of the Ursa Major gang. Estranged from his family. May have a spark of honor beneath his ruthlessness. Wind NE.

Saline: insecure. Hates Terrence and is convinced that his father is corrupt. Water NE.

Terrence Chiyham: confrontational, preoccupied with honor. Hates Saline and is convinced that his father is a lazy good-for-nothing. Earth NE.

Kasimir Sarg: ringleader of a band of thieves. Friendlier than his occupation would suggest. Water NE.


Sashok: a little bit unhinged. Likes to hurt things. Water NE.

Silviu: skeptic. No social skills. Hates his siblings. Water NE.

Pelia: will take any opportunity to reinvent herself. Pretty voice but what she says is not-so-pretty (i.e. abusive). Water NE.

Vasilisa: kind and sweet. A born peacekeeper. Water NE.


Conflagra S.: “For SCIENCE” is a good enough reason for anything, in her opinion. All Appalachians have all NE types, but she’s absurdly proficient at all of them (additionally, she refined the wormhole technique). Too bad she might have a couple of screws loose.

Alonso S.: older brother of the above, important official. Would worry a lot more about his baby sister if he knew half of what she’s up to.

Robert Randolf: leader of the new world expedition. As such, quite bitter. Oh, and definitely not dead yet.

Myra Bell: one of the kidnappers recruited by Conflagra. Has more empathy and less crazy than most of her colleagues. Especially that Asmi Adler. -eyeroll-


Questions?  I'll take 'em.

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