Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Let's go stargazing, shall we?

Running up a hill in the night
The moon a baleful blind eye
The grass itching through our shirts
As we lay back on the ground
The sky was unfurled above us
Black as your pupils but nowhere as deep
Don't you know how amazing you are?
Don't you know your smile is a comet?
It's rare and it's beautiful
I'm watching a universe being born in your eyes
When I'm near you I can reach the firmament
You are more celestial than the moon
I have no need of the blackness above us
Because you are my sky.
(You are everything)

Let's go stargazing, shall we?


From S to L. He's in loooooove.


  1. Hey foolchild! When are you going to send me an email about being featured? Huh? Huh?

    Also, a very cute poem. c: reminds me of three poems of my own. 8D

    But seriously. Email me, or I'll do horrible things to your... pig.

    You do have a pig, right?

  2. Thanks!

    No! Don't hurt the (imaginary) pig! :O

    Haha all right I'll email you.