Tuesday, June 28, 2011


As I was ranting about last Friday, my math class (for which I signed up, so I technically have no business complaining) hasn't left me much energy for creative work. But today, there was an exam so I got to leave early and I didn't have to take the bus home, and so I spent the day rereading the first Harry Potter book (best possible birthday present for a 7-year-old). I was going to read the first two chapters of Perks of Being a Wallflower (for school summer reading), but then I got bored, so I took a catnap instead.

By now I'm probably boring you as well, but it seems to me a small miracle that I did this. Though my class is only two hours long (and, as I said, my idea to take in the first place) the loss of my mornings is doing bad things to my creative output. I'm glad that I'm managing to reclaim any time at all for myself and my art.

It reminds me of the most recent post at Theodora Goss' blog called Writing Despite it All (that's the name of the post, not the blog). In the post, she writes about how you have to insist on the importance of your writing and you can't just find time for it, you have to make time. I haven't quite reached this point, but I swear I'll start.

I haven't worked on my first-in-years longhand story in a while, since I haven't been going on walks and that's where I'm writing it (not that I could today anyways, it was raining the whole day), but while waiting to get picked up in the library I started writing another story about a guy who gets caught in between some powerful/inhuman beings...I probably won't fully develop it because it lends itself to politics, but it was fun nevertheless. And even if I don't know what I'm doing, at least I'm writing, right?

So this post has become kind of rambly, but that's the point I discovered today: that despite my busier schedule, it's still summer, and I still have time to do a whole lotta nothing.

Agh, I can't leave it like that. Have a scan of a WIP: [link].

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