Friday, June 17, 2011

L'Estate Non Mi Passera': In Other Words, Go Forth and Live

Blessings in disguise: limited internet access version.

A few things I got done that I usually wouldn't:
  1. I read a lot of books. 
  2. I started a piece of artwork.
  3. I finished it the next day.
  4. I played with my cat. 
  5. I looked around my room. (Strange how I never really seem to see it.)
  6. I realized how boring it was.
  7. I put up some decoration. (Let the walls live.)
  8. I went on long walks.
  9. On those walks, I worked on a story longhand.
  10. I realized that no matter how far the interwebz reach, you're going to miss a lot of stuff if you're living from behind a little screen.
Like the laughter of little kids playing in the park.

Like the bloodied feet that come from not-quite-broken-in shoes.

Like the smell and sight of flowers growing in unruly heaps along the fence behind the baseball field, just as lovely as any carefully staged macro shot from Tumblr.

Like the cool stone of the shaded table.

Like the air that seems too rich and beautiful to be anything but gold.

Like summer.

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